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Custom Gifting

Interested in custom gift boxes for friends, family, your workplace, or customers? You've come to the right place! Here at Winnie Lu we want to make the process of gifting as easy as possible. Custom gift boxes are a great way to put a little extra thought into what you are giving to your loved ones, employees, customers, etc and this is what Winnie Lu excels at - unique and beautiful gift boxes that the recipients will be raving about! 

Here's all you need to do - 

1. Contact Patricia, owner of Winnie Lu, at or DM us on our social media pages. 

2. Let us know who the gift/gifts are for, a little about the recipient, price point, etc.

3. And we'll take it from there! You can expect an email/DM response within 24 hours with pictures of example gift boxes and ideas. You will then respond with any edits you would like to make and any feedback you have. 

4. Once the final edits have been made we will send you an email invoice for payment and you can choose to ship/deliver direct to the recipient or pickup at your convenience at our home office in Minnetrista, MN. 

5. Gifts are shipped in a shipping box but will still be beautifully packed and displayed. Delivery/pickup gifts will be packed in a white gift box with ribbon. 

We hope to hear from you soon to help with all of your custom gifting needs! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

xoxo, Patricia (owner of Winnie Lu) 

custom gift boxes

custom gift boxes

custom gift box winnie lu