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4 Ways To Support Small Businesses

4 Ways To Support Small Businesses

I'll be honest, small biz ownership can be tough, lonely, and overwhelming at times. But with the support of amazing customers and followers it can also be equally as exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, and life changing. 

I know Winnie Lu wouldn't be where we are today without the support of my in person customers through our previous brick and mortar shop, my friends and family, and my many followers on our social media platforms. I've learned a lot over the years of what it takes to run a successful business, but truly the personal support and encouragement is the most important on the list.

As we head into holiday season, and quite frankly the most important time of the year for sales for most small businesses, I thought I'd put together a list of 4 easy ways to support your favorite small business this holiday season and year round. 

1. Like, comment, share on social media.

You might think social media is just a fun place to scroll and share pictures of your dog, but for small businesses it can be the most important marketing tool in their toolbox. Unfortunately, Instagram especially, has such tricky algorithms that many small businesses posts are never even seen by their followers! See something you like? LIKE the picture! Comment below with a genuine thought or words of encouragement. And most importantly SHARE your favorite small businesses posts in your story and tag them. All of these things trigger the Instagram algorithm to show the posts to more people and you're directly showing your support for the small businesses you love. 

2. Skip the big box stores for holiday gifts

I know, I know, Target makes it so darn easy to run in and grab a last minute gift. What if you made a list at the beginning of holiday season of all the gifts you needed to buy and what small businesses you could purchase them from? After the past year and a half of a pandemic, we need your support more than ever to stay open and keep thriving. Make sure to add small businesses to your list of places to shop from for gifts, head out for a holiday meal, or when you're grabbing coffee between shopping trips. Psst, Winnie Lu also offers local delivery and most likely will still be delivering on Christmas Eve - so last minute Christmas gift fulfillment is still an option with us! 

holiday gifts from small businesses

3. Include a business card with your gift

This is an easy one and a perfect way to help advertise for small businesses. If you order online, request in the notes section at checkout to include a business card or grab one when you're in person shopping at your favorite small business. When packing up your gift from that particular place, pop in the business card so your recipient knows where you got it and can check it out too!

4. Send them a note of encouragement

I can't tell you enough how far a little encouragement goes in the world of a small business owner. And it's FREE for you to do! Send a DM, email, maybe even a little hand written note in the mail to say how much you appreciate them and how much you love their business and mission. Over the years, these are the moments I've remembered the most while running Winnie Lu and have kept me going through the tough times. Especially during holiday season when small biz owners are stressed and overwhelmed, something this small can really mean a lot! 

support small businesses

This is a short list and there are so many other points I could make on this topic and ideas I could share. Please make sure you take a moment before you start your holiday shopping to sit down and think about what other ways can you support small businesses this holiday season. I know every small biz owner would appreciate any love and support you can give! ❤️

Xoxo, Patricia (owner of Winnie Lu)  

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